Significantly Increase Your Income By Fixing The Holes In Your Online Marketing.

Your online presence is often the first way people interact with you. It might be the only way.

What is your online presence?

It includes your website, your social media profiles, your email marketing, the traffic you bring to your site. It’s everything you do online to market your business and it’s everything your potential customer is interacting with.

Your website is central to this.  Why? I’ll give you five good reasons…

  1. It’s the central point where all traffic arrives from your web presence. It’s like the airport where all the planes land.
  2. It’s where many potential clients will form their first impressions of you.
  3. It should be your potential customer’s new best friend because they feel you really get them, their problems, their desires and goals and, ideally, offers them immediate help.
  4. It’s the place your raving fans will be throwing themselves and all their friends or colleagues at.
  5. It’s your marketing department, your sales department and your customer service department.

Your website is your business’s most important asset.

It should be a dedicated employee that works 24 hours a day to bring in more business and make you more money.

It should be a matchmaker who is trying to set you up with lots of smokin’ hot potential clients.

If it’s not, you have a serious problem.

Because, if this employee doesn’t do their job, hundreds (or thousands) or perfect customers could decide to leave and never return. And this could happen within seconds of their arriving to your site if your message doesn’t entice them to stay.

And that means you are losing money, freedom and time because you are working harder and longer than you need to.

Here‘s where I come in. I’ll help you find the holes in your online marketing and transform it into a hard working employee.

My goal is to show you how to whip your website and online presence into a finely tuned machine that is working 24/7 to bring you nothing but perfect clients ready to pay you your full rates.

Why isn’t it already?

Because, chances are, you have no idea how to write up a good job description for this, your most important employee. Chances are you have no idea what to measure. Most people with websites don’t have any idea of what the terms bounce rate, SEO, split testing, heatmapping, conversions and optimization mean – let alone the vital and incredible roles they play in turning your website from a very rude and lazy host who offends and scares away potential customers into the most warm, gracious and skilled of hosts who draws in passers by off the street with charm and authenticity.

If your website isn’t working as well as you want it to, you need to find out out the facts before you can make an effective plan.

Armed with this, you’ll have a benchmark that you can compare annually or more often to see your progress.

Getting the facts based on real numbers is critical.

You’ll be able to make good strategic decisions for your business. You’ll know why you aren’t making more money and you’ll know what you have to do to fix it.

You’ll have everything you need to significantly increase your income by fixing the holes in your marketing.